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Man of Steel: Paragon of Virtue

I should probably say up front that like a lot of people who grew up on superhero comics, Superman is a character that is near and dear to me. I know he’s been a propaganda tool for American exceptionalism. I

Iron Man 3: More Than Met the Eye

Okay, so I had some predictions about Iron Man 3 based on the ad, and I wrote a whole post about it to show how bad ads are about leaking the whole damn movie. Bloody hell, was I wrong… (Spoilers ahoy! You

USNA: Self-Contradiction

I’ve been seeing posters for this graphic novel—and I think that terms very much applies in this case—for quite some time, which I think is because it was made locally. The premise is that Canada and the US amalgamate into

Iron Man 3: Ads that Make You Comfortable

I have some insider knowledge, Warren Elli’s Extremis series, but I’m pretty sure we know the whole plot of this movie based on the newest ad…