English 100: Assignments


This course uses a combination of in-class and take-home assignments. In-class assignments happen during regular class hours, and you must be present to complete them. Take-home assignments are due at the beginning of class. Some of them require that you bring a physical copy to class, and some require that you send a computer file by email. I will give you specific instructions for all assignments as we proceed through the course.

  • Essay 1: Plagiarism (take-home) 5%paper pile
  • Essay 2: Example (in-class) 10%
  • Essay 3: Comparison (in-class) 10%
  • Annotated Bibliography (take-home) 10%
  • Essay 4: Research (take-home) 15%
  • Final Exam (in-class) 30%
  • Grammar Quizzes (in-class) 5%
  • Reading Quizzes (in-class) 10%
  • Participation/Attendance (in-class) 5%


Grammar Quizzes: This grade reflects how many quizzes you attend. Grammar quizzes happen on Thursdays.

Reading Quizzes: There will be a series of unannounced quizzes that test whether you read and understood the assigned texts.

Essays: The Example, Comparison, and Research essays all happen in two parts. You must complete both parts to get a grade for the essay.


Essay #1: Plagiarism Essay
Length: min. 250 words, max. 1 page (take-home)

Use the brainstorming session you had in class to write a short essay that describes two practical things you can do to avoid plagiarism.


Essay #2, pt1: Outline
Length: 50 minutes (in-class)

Write an outline for your example essay that interprets either Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” or Bruce Cockburn’s “Lovers in a Dangerous Time.” Use the format we discussed in class.


Essay #2, pt 2: Example Essay
Length: 2 hours (in-class)

Expand your outline into a complete essay using the format we discussed in class.


Essay #3, pt1: Opening Paragraph
Length: 50 minutes (in-class)

Write an opening paragraph for your comparison essay using the format we discussed in class.


Essay #3, pt2: Comparison Essay
Length: 2 hours (in-class)

Complete your comparison essay using your opening paragraph.


Annotated Bibliography
Length: 10 entries (take-home)

Write up ten (10) sources in MLA formatting and annotate them by describing (a) their main claim/support, and (b) how the source is appropriate for the Research Paper.


Essay #4, pt 1: Research, Rough Draft
Length: 1000 – 1500 words

Write a rough draft for an essay that makes an argument using research (e.g., the sources you found for the Annotated Bibliography). It must be a complete essay: all five paragraphs.


Essay #4, pt 1: Research, Final Draft
Length: 1400 – 1500 words

Revise your rough draft and, if necessary, expand to fit the minimum word count.


Final Exam
Length: 3 hours

The exam will consist of a Comprehension section (short answers to targeted questions) worth approximately 1/4 of the grade, and an essay worth approximately 3/4 of the grade. (We will go over these details in class.)