SFU Eng 199w (’13 Fall)

Introduction to University Writing



  • Wednesday 2:30pm – 5:20pm / AQ 5004
  • Thursday 2:30pm – 5:20pm / AQ 5004

Office Hours:

  • Wednesday 5:30pm – 6:20pm / AQ 6084
  • Thursday 1pm – 1:50pm / AQ 6084

This courses introduces you to basic university writing: genre, style, and grammar. We’ll study rhetorical appealsfigures of speech, and both rational and fallacious reasoning.

We’ll read a variety of texts, most of them academic in nature, all of them argumentative. You’ll learn to respond to those texts in the form of a rhetorical essay: an argument in essay form that uses logic and evidence. We’ll study grammar as a fundamental element of rhetorical writing.

Combining all of these elements will teach you how to take part in scholarly discussions, both understanding them and responding to them.

English 199w is neither a remedial course nor is it appropriate for ESL students who are seeking an English credit; the course assumes basic skills at the sentence level and some experience with writing argumentative essays. This course is writing intensive, so students should schedule time for writing on a regular and on-going basis.


Four essays: three at 500 words and one at 1000. There is also a series of ungraded, in-class grammar quizzes. There is no final exam.


Required Text

The Broadview Anthology of Expository Prose. Laura Buzzard et al. Broadview Press. 2011.