FDU 3381: Essay #2

Value: 20%

Length: 2000 words (or more)

Format: MLA with Works Cited

Due Date: 30 June (Thursday)

For this essay, you will use the theory that you explained in Essay #1 and (potentially) the research you did for the Annotated Bibliography to formulate your own topic and thesis for an original, unique essay about an aspect of popular culture. This topic is ultimately up to you, but you must clear it with me in a meeting some time before June 23rd (one week before the deadline).

Your essay must, of course, have a coherent thesis and use both logic (rationalism) and evidence (empiricism) to make its argument. It must also display skill with at least one of the theories in┬áJohn Storey’s Introduction to Popular Culture, and it must have a formal essay structure.

Note: Make sure that you format your essay according to MLA guidelines.